Property & Project Management 

for homeowners in corfu

  • Regular visits to your property

  • Problem solving of any local issues

  • Management of administration and bills

  • Keyholding, repairs,storage and maintenance of vihecles 

  • Affordable and reliable house repairs and maintenance

  • Sourcing and management of regular maintenance 

  • Regular updates,wherever you are in the world

  • Preparation of the house upon your arrival

www.yiannisdervisis.com property management
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Management & Maintenance of your Ηouse 


We provide a complete Corfu based  Villa Maintenance services including House & project management for discerning property owners who demand 100% commitment and backup from a local professional company.Our experienced team will ensure that your  property are professionally maintained to the highest standards.

We monitor all our properties on a daily basis resolving small emergencies, taking care of long – term maintenance and giving a fully transparent solution at a price that meets your budget.

 Project Management

Repairs & Construction


We provide a complete service no matter how complex are,
Projects like House & Swimming pool construction and maintenance,, extensions or renovations, driveways, 

Day to day repairs / annual repairs..
Gardeners,Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentery, Painting.. just to name a few of our services.

Yiannis Dervisis integrates its services with select engineering Expert Local partners and maintenance programs who are ready to help with known problems or emergencies.



100% commitment and backup from a local professional company